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台灣品種烏魚子TAIWAN Dried Mullet Roe(一台斤±0%)

台灣品種烏魚子TAIWAN Dried Mullet Roe(一台斤±0%)

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After captured female mullet is opened, the ovaries are taken out, rinsed, dehydrated with salt. Then exposed to the sun and dried in the shade for few days. The entire process to make a perfect dried mullet roe is really difficult. Too much salt it will be salty and bitter. Just need just right amount of salt to reach the perfect texture. The control of exposure and drying technique depends on lots of experience. The next step is to press the mullet roe to certain hardness to get the right thickness. Meanwhile to dry it to become moldy. Nowadays, the dried mullet roe are vacuum packed to prevent spoiled and prolong the shelf life.
The simple way to eat mullet roe is to roast, but do not over cook it to lose its glutinosity. How to roast it ? Soak the mullet roe in KINMEN KAOLIANG wine for about 3minutes. Then light it up to roast both sides for 6 to 10 minutes. That way you will get the best tasting, texture and flavor of our dried mullet roe.

(0.6kg±0%/US$90.0)Please refrigeration for one year.Consumers can refer to youTube:

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