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古早味糯米腸 TAIWANESE rice sausage

古早味糯米腸 TAIWANESE rice sausage

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古早味糯米腸是由臺灣豬腸及優質臺灣糯米,做成的臺灣美食,深受老饕們的喜愛,歡迎選購,只要放在電鍋使用半杯水蒸熟即可食用 ,相當便利的國民美食!





Ancient glutinous rice intestines are Taiwanese delicacies made from Taiwanese pig intestines and high-quality Taiwanese glutinous rice. They are deeply loved by gluttons. Welcome to buy them. Just put them in an electric pot and steam them with half a cup of water, which is quite convenient. National cuisine!

Please freeze it at -18°C and keep it fresh for one year.

Main ingredients: high-quality Taiwanese glutinous rice, Taiwanese pig intestines, cane sugar, salt., peanuts, butter onion crisps, five-spice powder



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