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庫存單位: 200包

在地七股種植,當季採收的新鮮本土黑芝麻(台南一號),富含高蛋白質、維生素及不飽和脂肪酸等特性,經由百年古法工藝傳承,完整保留食材本身純正原始風味,色澤清澈透光,滴滴香醇、濃郁滑順。無添加人工甘味、色素、防腐劑,可用來當點心、拌茶、拌咖啡,是不可或缺的絕對好農產品! (素食可用)


The sesame was planted in the QIGU District, then harvested in season. The making black sesame Paste  has been manufactured over 100 years, preserving the most original flavor and taste of the black sesame. Black sesame Paste consists of countless proteins, vitamins, and monosaturated fats, providing numerous health benefits, particularly to women who have just given birth. Our black sesame Paste is all natural with no preservatives or artificial colors. Black sesamePaste  is incredibly versatile as well. You can use it to cook with noodles, vegetables, 3-cup chicken, ginger duck stew or other related dishes. These dishes are expecially well suited to be eaten in the winter, ad it creates a warm and cozy feeling. It is also vegetarian friendly.(200g±0.15%/US$7.5),Please refrigeration for one year.Consumers can refer to youTube:

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