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100%純臺灣華岡高山冬茶TAIWAN HUAGANG High Mountain Winter Tea(75g±0.05%)

100%純臺灣華岡高山冬茶TAIWAN HUAGANG High Mountain Winter Tea(75g±0.05%)

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有效期限:一年  開封後請盡早使用完畢!


100% TAIWAN HUAGANG High Mountain Winter TeaThe HUAGANG tea district is located in CUIHUA Village, RENAI Township, NANTOU. It is planted at about 2400 meyers above sea level, ensuring pristine air quality. The practice of growing these tea leaves dates back to 1990, so all individuals involved in the process are very competent and skilled. We do not use pesticides either, preferring to let them grow as naturally as possible, even though it comes at the cost of increased care and attention. Therefore, these tea leaves are far superior to other variants. The high demand for HUAGANG tea has caused it to be recognized as one of TAIWAN's most exclusive brands.(06kg±0.15%/US$160.0)

Please store in a dry place.Consumers can refer to youTube:


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