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100%純臺灣大禹嶺冬茶100% TAIWAN DAYULING Winter Tea(75g±0.05%)

100%純臺灣大禹嶺冬茶100% TAIWAN DAYULING Winter Tea(75g±0.05%)

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有效期限:一年 開封後請盡早使用完畢!

100% TAIWAN DAYULING Winter Tea.It can be said to be the highest grade tea product in TAIWAN. This tea has a surprising sweet aftertaste, without being harsh or bitter. This is due to the large temperature difference between day and night, and the soil is rich in organic. As a result, DAYULING Winter Tea is far superior to other high mountain teas. The tea leaves are thick and aromatic, allowing their full flavor seamlessly transition into the tea. It also has a slightly fruity taste, further contributing to its unique flavor profile.(06kg±0.15%/US$160.0)

Please store in a dry place.Consumers can refer to youTube:

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