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100%純臺灣梨山冬茶LISHAN winter tea(75g±0.05%)

100%純臺灣梨山冬茶LISHAN winter tea(75g±0.05%)

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有效期限:一年 開封後請盡早使用完畢!


100% TAIWAN LISHAN Winter TeaThese tea leaves are soft and pliable, resulting in a light, smooth flavor. This light taste contrasts greatly with the darker flavors big other teas that may quickly become flavorless. They also have the advantage of being resistant to multiple brewings, consistently creating a tea with a mellow, pleasant color. Furthermore, this is very affordable, causing it to become the top choice for most people.

High Quality Golden PomfretThis fish has very tender meat and doesn't have an earthy taste. It also doesn't have many small bones, making it easy to eat for all ages.(06kg±0.15%/US$72.0)

Please store in a dry place.Consumers can refer to youTube:

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