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龍虎班Tiger Grouper~550g±10%

龍虎班Tiger Grouper~550g±10%

庫存單位: 100隻

龍虎斑是鞍帶石斑和老虎斑產下的下一代,肉質細嫩厚實,富有彈性,無肌間刺,味道鮮美。富含胜,具有抗氧化、降血壓、調節酵素活性,防止細胞老化功能,核酸含量達 330mg/100g


This fish has amazing meat quality and a fine taste while not being tough. Not only is it rich in nutritious protein, but the fish skin also contains collagen, which is very good for your skin and metabolism. You have several options when cooking this fish, such as steaming, pan frying, or even turning it into a soup. Due to the exceptional quality of our fish, you can easily cook up a delicious meal without much effort.



Please freeze for one year.

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